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Vulnerability Assessments

Weaknesses in your environment are often from known vulnerabilities that can be easily patched.

New vulnerabilities are discovered daily and failing to be aware of these vulnerabilities in your environment can put your business at significant risk. Almost half of all breaches are from patches that were available but just never applied.

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Common Challenges

Failure to Detect Critical Risk

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Failing to scan for known common vulnerability exposures (CVEs) leaves businesses unnecessarily exposed. With no way to identify vulnerable systems, it’s impossible to know what efforts are needed address these risks.

An Unfocused Approach Wastes Valuable Time

Without a prioritized approach, businesses can waste resources chasing down minimal risk vulnerabilities and false positives, keeping them from focusing on what’s most important.

It's Easy to Get Overwhelmed

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New vulnerabilities are constantly being discovered and businesses can quickly find they are slipping behind on remediating and patching.

How Can Rhodian Help?

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Identify your vulnerabilities

Know what vulnerabilities you have in your environment that attackers may be searching for so you can address risks to your business quickly.

Prioritize your remediation efforts based on your highest areas of risk

Gain visibility into your vulnerabilities and rank them by level of risk so you can be more informed when determining a path to remediation and patching. Our consultants can help answer questions about remediation advice and how to prioritize.

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Stay ahead of your risks with regular scanning

New vulnerabilities can be introduced at any time, even immediately after your latest scan was completed. By building in a recursive cybersecurity plan to have ongoing vulnerability assessments, you can be more equipped to stay on top of new risks in your environment.

Key Features

Vulnerability assessments discover and quantify vulnerabilities in your environment. It is an in-depth evaluation of your information security posture, exposing weaknesses and providing the appropriate mitigation steps required to either eliminate those vulnerabilities or reduce them to an acceptable level of risk.

Not every office can afford more advanced testing, but vulnerability assessments are affordable for even the smallest of offices to be able to take advantage of this proactive cybersecurity best practice.

Our consultants use the same type of technology advanced security teams rely on to keep a constant eye on areas of risk. Save the cost of investing in your own vulnerability management tools and get the help of experienced consultants in leveraging already proven technology.

Vulnerability assessments are one of the first phases leveraged in our penetration testing service and are a great way to stay ahead of risks between tests.

Vulnerability assessments can be conducted as one-off or ad-hoc scans as well as part of a recurring assessment that helps you identify risks as soon as possible. Rhodian will help you find the appropriate cadence for your security needs.

Cybersecurity Risk Consultation

Everyone has unique needs, requirements, and goals for their Cybersecurity Program. The best way to make sure you understand your options and the path ahead is to speak with our team through our free cybersecurity risk consultation to get recommendations on how to begin working toward your goals.

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Let's Discuss Your Needs

Our experience with hundreds of businesses across diverse industries provides us with the expertise to understand your unique challenges.

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Our experience with hundreds of businesses across diverse industries provides us with the expertise to understand your unique challenges.