Our Purpose

Our clients have work to do. Our purpose is to give them peace of mind.

We do that by providing the connected environments they need to do that work, the cybersecurity they need to protect those environments, and the compliance services they need to keep them safe from non-compliance penalties and reputational damage. That allows our clients to do what they should be doing — growing their businesses.

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Our Team

We believe every business should provide an unimpeded path to the achievement of its objectives. We help by removing complexities between our clients and their people with technology, cybersecurity, and compliance services that enable our clients to provide their staff members with accessible, reliable, and secure work environments.

Our values are deeply rooted in creating personal relationships and taking our time to truly understand our clients and the challenges they face. That gives us the perspective necessary to deliver the services our clients need, when they need them. By simplifying the way our clients work, they can focus on their people and on building their businesses.

Our Name

Our name was inspired by Rhodian Sea Law, associated with the Greek island of Rhodes, which was a major shipping center for five or six hundred years starting in the 7th century. Created to offset losses from cargo damaged by storms or lost to piracy, it was an early form of business protection, providing operational security and a sense of calm to maritime businessmen.

In much the same way, we protect your business by ensuring you have the technological infrastructure, cybersecurity, and compliance services from the risk of storms and cyber pirates. That, in turn, ensures your reliability, your reputation, and your relationships with all of those with whom you do business remain strong and intact.

Business waters can be treacherous. We’ll keep you safe out there.

What We Do

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Rhodian Group has what it takes to create accessible, reliable, and secure work environments for your whole team.

From virtual desktops with 24×7 domestic support to cybersecurity risk assessments and consulting services, Rhodian Group is ready to help. 

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Our experience with hundreds of businesses across diverse industries provides us with the expertise to understand your unique challenges.

Kris Bryant Headshot
Kris Bryant

Chief Revenue Officer and Co-President

I partner with clients to give them competitive operational advantages. I love building businesses and helping them achieve accelerated operational excellence. I draw on more than 30 years’ experience in sales, marketing, partnership development, and customer success roles for large technology firms to guide our growth through existing and emerging industry segments. On weekends, I love cooking for my family, reading a good book, and tackling our house-downsizing project, one closet at a time.
Lee Evans
Lee Evans

Chief Technology Officer and Co-President

My job is to simplify technical complexities for our clients. My background in MIS, Systems Engineering, and consulting in a variety of industries nurture my capacity to help our clients navigate the sometimes perilous ocean of challenges, serving as a compass to help them get where they want to go. I’m an avid reader and have written more than 20 books on philosophy and power. I play piano and like traditional jazz music. I love swimming and walking. Born and raised in Chicago, I’m well-traveled and especially enjoy vacations on the beach.
Cody Palmer
Cody Palmer

VP of Client Success

My team is our clients’ advocates and problem solvers, ensuring they have the best experience possible. Before Rhodian Group, I spent 20+ years in higher education, in admissions, student support, financial aid, and retention. I love soccer, and I‘ve coached all ages, learning to have fun and to be a mentor and friend. That experience gives me senses of humor and caring for people. I live with my family in Kalispell, MT. I try new recipes, spend time with my two Goldendoodles, and watch movies in my home theater.
Aaron Wagner, Cybersecurity Consultant, Rhodian
Aaron Wagner

Director of Cybersecurity Solutions

I help simplify the complex nature of compliance frameworks, identify deficiencies in security, and develop cybersecurity programs from the ground up. With a background in anthropology and hospitality management, I provide a holistic approach to security — to develop understanding in end users and to communicate security strategies to organizational leadership. When not at work, I enjoy the plentiful outdoor activities of my home state of Colorado, such as skiing and rock climbing.
JP Pritchard

Director of Marketing

In my role, I take great care and joy in innovating and expanding our brand across many channels. I prioritize clear communication with clients, partners, prospects, and team members alike, which I incorporate into my responsibilities with Rhodian’s community outreach and digital media. Outside of work, I enjoy reading, writing, and building a life with my wife, Nadia. I’m also a die-hard Hoosier, and I spend a lot of time training my dog, Butter.
Anthony Riccio, Jr.

Senior Director of Sales

In my role, I love working with companies and taking the “technology” out of the discussion while helping them get back to what they do best: growing their business! My insurance industry career spans 25 years and I’ve had the opportunity to travel most of the U.S. servicing thousands of insurance agents along the way. Outside of work, I enjoying distance running, golfing, coffee, and Italian food. I love traveling with my wife, Cindy, and my two adult sons, and spending time with my two rescue dogs. 

Ryan Schisler

Senior IT Engineer

Bio coming soon!

Andrew Bunyi

Client Solutions Manager

Bio coming soon!

Marco Menezes

Cloud Onboarding Manager

Bio coming soon!

Let's Discuss Your Needs

Our experience with hundreds of businesses across diverse industries provides us with the expertise to understand your unique challenges.